The Speech on BBC Parliament

Michelle's speech on BBC Parliament Channel that sparked off ADHD Action

Broadcast 24th September, 2017

"On 24th September I was sat on the first day of Labour Party Conference watching a debate called Protecting our Communities.
I knew that ADHD has a HUGE impact on crime figures, and that 45% of young offenders have ADHD, often untreated and undiagnosed, and that treatment can reduce offending rates UP TO  41%. 

To me, this was a no brainer, and no one was talking about it, let alone the impacts that ADHD can have on other services like mental health, education, social services. 

I then became impulsively desperate to speak on the stage. I would do my best to get to speak. I began frantically googling more stats on my phone and messaging my psychiatrist on Twitter for more data. Frantic minimum prep on the hoof. No notes. So very ADHD!

In the morning session, I wasn't picked to speak, despite waving my arms around desperately in the aisles. I wasn't having this! 

I sneaked down to near the front whilst the other speakers were on, and removed a 'Media Reserved Sign' placed on a seat that no one was using, and sat there confidently as if I was meant to be there. 

This gave me the opportunity to rush to the stage very quickly as the announcement was made to break for lunch, and speak to Dame Glenis Willmott MEP, Chair of the European Parliamentary Labour Party and Chair for this debate. 

"Please Glenis, I'm so sorry to interrupt you as you go for lunch. I really need you to allow me to speak on stage after the lunch-break. I want to talk about ADHD and the shocking impact it has on crime figures, it's so important this is heard...". 
"But you need to go to your regional rep, and they need to submit..." 
*Interrupts*: "Please, Glenis, we don't have time and I have ADHD and no one gets it"
"OK. Look. I don't play by the rules, and it looks like you don't either. Where will you be stood, and what will you be waving?"
"Over here, and my pink notebook"
"Thank you so much"... etc.

More of what followed in another post, but it's vital that we form a cross-party group to work on these impacts as I called for. I may be a Labour Party member, but that is irrelevant, my politics are irrelevant. 

ADHD is apolitical. ADHD Action will be working with politicians from all political parties to make change happen. "  - Michelle 
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