The ADHD Act

With and ADHD Act, the government will be obliged by law to make adequate provisions for children and adults with ADHD - including properly scoping out what's needed across health, education, and many other places, and making sure that happens.

The Act is a huge start and a commitment to getting the help we all desperately need.

ADHD Action's Initial Overview of the ADHD Act

ADHD Action calls upon the UK Government to pass an Act of Parliament that will broadly: 

1) Place a duty on the Government to produce a broad strategy for ADHD adults and children which is kept under regular review,  which includes access for all persons that require assessment and treatment for ADHD

2) A duty to produce statutory guidance to ensure implementation of the strategy for the following bodies:

  • Education
  • Health (including mental, sexual and addiction support)
  • Criminal justice (police, prisons, probation)
  • Work, pensions and benefits
  • Employment law 
  • Local authorities (e.g. social services, homelessness)
  • Media (for responsible reporting)
There are currently many challenges to the UK ADHD community, which affects approximately 5% of children and 2.5% of adults. Outlined changes will save significant sums of money to public services due to disease impact.

Key issues include a postcode lottery of non-existent provision or long waiting lists; lack of awareness and stigma across media, society, even heath and education professionals; and lack of data on the extent of the UK impact of ADHD. 

ADHD Action is supported in the call for an #ADHDAct by many UK organisations including The ADHD Foundation, Adult ADHD NI, and ADHD Solutions CIC.
This team produced the fantastic #BornToBeADHD Manifesto which can be downloaded by clicking here.
Download Shareable PDF of ADHD Act Proposal
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