Our Mission

Our Mission 

Now is the time for change. 

We need to build a future where no individual or family affected by ADHD is ever misunderstood or unsupported. 

ADHD Action was founded after experiencing first-hand the impact that lack of awareness and patchy or non-existent provision can have on individuals and families.

Let’s work together for the sake of others, so they don’t have to suffer as we have.  

Above all, we want a world where individuals with ADHD or their loved ones never have to feel ashamed, unsupported, or where our voices are not heard. 

Find out how we will achieve our mission
We want:
  • A UK where everyone knows and understands what ADHD is and how it affects individuals 
  • There to be no stigma or ignorance about the existence of the condition or any treatment, including medication 
  •  Everyone to be aware that 5% of children and 2.5 % of adults are affected by the common neuro-diverse condition, which is highly hereditable
  • The following in society to be instructed by government to make provisions for ADHD people, to follow statutory guidelines, and have mandatory training across:
    • Education 
    • Health (including mental, sexual and addiction support)
    • Criminal justice (police, prisons, probation)
    • Work and benefits
    • Employers through employment law
    • Local authorities (e.g. social services, homelessness)
    • Media (for responsible reporting)
  • That assessment and treatment for ADHD is provided to all persons who require it by mental health professionals, with a maximum wait time
  • That awareness is raised about hereditary ADHD, and access to screening for family members if one is diagnosed if they so wish
  • Training and accurate information on ADHD to be readily available for anyone working in the above areas
  • Accurate information to be readily available to those who may seek a diagnosis for themselves or others
  • Accurate information to be readily available to those newly diagnosed or their families/partners, tailored appropriately

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