How We Began

How We Began

ADHD Action was founded in late September 2017, after Michelle Beckett spoke on stage at a political conference to highlight the huge societal and financial costs to not fully recognising or supporting the condition in the UK. 

Michelle become interested in advocacy work after her late diagnosis by Dr.Rob Baskind in March 2017, and had been interviewed amongst others for a Guardian newspaper piece on adult ADHD a few weeks before.

Michelle’s story is a familiar one, and from her own family’s experience and through talking to many others, she discovered they were far from alone. Stigma, misunderstanding and lack of provision in the UK is shocking. 

At conference, Michelle not only spoke on main stage, but also at Women’s Conference at an open mic session, and then three separate policy seminars on health, justice and education. In addition to this, she had over a dozen one to one conversations with MPs and peers regarding an All Party Parliamentary Group on ADHD, and it was one of these that suggested an ADHD Act of Parliament, along similar lines to the 2009 Autism Act.

As a trustee of the national charity Humanists UK, Michelle is aware of how APPGs work and are run through their own, which made her wonder why there wasn’t one for ADHD.

Since launch less than three weeks ago, Michelle has:
  • Spoken to several more MPs across the main parties with further meetings in the diary 
  • Launched an online petition for the ADHD Act with thousands of signatures collected
  • Commenced lobbying in the Scottish Parliament 
  • Had a piece published in the Huffington Post
  • Spoken on BBC Radio re ADHD (shocking stigma)
  • Been invited to write for Additude magazine in the US
  • Began partnership work with national and local ADHD groups
  • Met with clinicians, educators, senior police officers and commissioners
  • Been invited to speak all over the UK, including at NHS commissioning events 
  • Received offers of support from celebrities, with more in conversation
  • Planned more campaigns and awareness raising to launch soon
  • Received messages of support and offers of help from all over the world

Michelle got the ball rolling, but ADHD Action is a movement for all of us, with all of us working together as a team.

More importantly, it's for those that don’t know they have the condition, are suffering, or can’t access assessment and treatment. 

We will use the power in all our stories as a voice that will be heard, together. 

For a future where no individual or family affected by ADHD is misunderstood or unsupported.

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