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#EVERYMP Campaign for ADHD Action

Action stations - we need your help!
As well as our petition which is nearing the 10,000 signatures threshold for Parliament to respond, on November 14th we launched our #EveryMP campaign. 

There are 650 MPs in Parliament. Let's make #EveryMP aware of the lack of provision. 
On top of our other work, this campaign will have a huge impact to help us get closer to the #ADHDAct 

We need one person to volunteer to write to or email their own MP in EVERY constituency in the UK, specifically about ADHD alone.

This will be about their own personal or family struggle surrounding obtaining  a diagnosis or support for ADHD. We will provide a template to help frame your own story most effectively. 

Have you been ignored, or put on a really long waiting list? How has this affected you or your child? Have a school told you it's just poor parenting, or as an adult you have depression or anxiety and not ADHD? Have you struggled to get medication or suffered stigma?  

(We realise there will be a lot of sufferers with co-morbid conditions, but we need to shine a light on ADHD alone for this project rather than ASD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc, for the purposes of our own ADHD Act of Parliament. Also, we wish to avoid PIP as a subject for these campaign letters regarding ADHD, we will tackle this separately)

Step 1 Find Your MP 

Go to http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ to easily find your MP using name or postcode.

Find Your MP

Step 2 Sign Up Online

We've created a Google Sheet for people to sign up to volunteer to write to their MPs. 
Once there, add your name (or anonymous if preferred) into the column labelled 'Volunteer to Write Email'. We aim for just one letter per MP. 
b) Then email michelle.beckett@adhdaction.org, writing #EveryMP followed by the name of the MP and constituency in the subject line, so I can keep in touch with each of the 650 volunteers. If your constituency is taken, but still wish to be heard, please email me separately. 

Volunteer Here

Step 3 Send Email 

You will need to write your story where indicated. If you need any help, just email with the same subject line as before. 

Once you are ready with your email, go back to here http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/, find your MP, click on their name, and their email address will be there. 
Please forward me a copy once sent, with the same subject line as before. And also forward their replies for our records, to help us identify more helpful and ADHD friendly MPs!
Download MP Letter Template

Thank you for your help.
This is going to have a huge impact

Please do get in touch via email with any questions. Let's see how quickly we can cover #EveryMP.
Use the social media hashtag #EveryMP and #ADHDAction, and do get sharing as widely as possible!
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