ADHD Action

Campaigning and building awareness using the power of people's stories
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Now is the Time for Change

We will build a future where every individual and family affected by ADHD is understood and fully supported. 

ADHD Action was founded after experiencing first-hand the impact that lack of awareness and patchy or non-existent provision can have on individuals and families.

Let’s work together for the sake of others, so they don’t have to suffer as we have.  

Working Through Peoples Stories

ADHD Action works through the power of people's stories, empowering individuals and families, ensuring much needed change as soon as possible.

Bringing together the ADHD community, partnering with other national organisations - local groups, clinicians, commissioners, educators, police, prison officers, and more. 

Current Provision is Inadequate

Considering ADHD affects 5% of children and nearly 3% of adults, the burden to society across health, education, criminal justice, work and benefits, homelessness and social care is vast and little understood or discussed, let alone addressed. 

 Huge Cost Savings

Huge cost savings are possible for stretched public services, if this highly treatable condition is given the attention it desperately needs.
ADHD Action’s initial goals include lobbying and campaigning cross party for an ADHD Act of Parliament, similar to the one that exists for autism; increase awareness across public services and society as a whole; and push for vastly improved provision and pathways for diagnosis and support. 

 Jessica McCabe of US 'How to ADHD' Promotes our Campaign 

Michelle's BBC Parliament Speech Calling for Action on ADHD


"It's beyond time that ADHD was more widely understood. If we can crack this, we can relieve the torment of families struggling for support and unleash a huge wave of creative, energetic talent instead. It's that big." 
Rory Bremner - Comedian/impressionist, writer, translator, actor

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The Story So Far

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ADHD Action - Thoughts from the Community

“I was heartened to see your recent proposals on regarding greater support for ADHD diagnosis and treatment. My 15 year old son was diagnosed just a month ago and since starting medication the transformation has been quite incredible. Previously at risk of permanent exclusion his latest school report shows dramatically improved levels of behaviour and concentration. I am a passionate believer in the need to find greater resources for this (we had to find a private clinic to diagnose as we were (are) still on CAHMS waiting list). I believe we are failing young people in not having sufficient resources for this treatable condition."
Parent and Supporter, Oxford
"I'm acutely aware and frustrated at the continued stigma surrounding ADHD, the lack of public and professional awareness about ADHD, together with the lack of availability of services to help assess and manage those who have the condition. I see the work of ADHD Action and future creation of an ADHD Act of Parliament as being a vital step towards improving the lives of of those with ADHD and their families"
Rob Baskind, Consultant Psychiatrist and ADHD Specialist
"An ADHD Act is paramount to the implementation and development of ADHD awareness and services nationally. It is imperative that we work together to ensure this happens. ADHD Action has made significant progress very quickly with the inclusion of existing groups and personal stories. Let's keep the momentum going" 
Emma Weaver,  Founder ADHD Northern Ireland
"ADHD Richmond is proud to be the first UK Support Group to back Michelle’s campaign. We’ve been lobbying locally for an ADHD strategy for many years and have always maintained there should be an ADHD Act put into legislation, just as there is for Autism, but ours should include children too!
The ADHD community across the UK is a powerful voice and together we can help form an All-Party Parliamentary group which could lead to an historic ADHD Act."
Alastair Yates, Chair, ADHD Richmond
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